Ergonomics is not a waste of resources, but a bearer of great benefits from human and particularly economic viewpoints. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to know to make optimal use of available resources. Knowledge gained in the field of ergonomics can be of great help in reaching that goal. An ergonomically designed work environment contributes to reducing the risk of injury and increasing productivity.

GMG ERGONOMICS division is specialized in equipment and systems that aid operators to perform their work in various industries. Projects are all customizable to meet the specific requirements of each customer. An open mind in approaching ergonomic problems allows us to identify the best solution for total customer satisfaction.


LIFTOVER tilters
Liftover 1000
Carrello con piano autolivellante inox
Carrello con piano autolivellante inox
Carrello con piano autolivellante
Carrello con piano autolivellante

GMG aluminium profiles

Structural aluminium profiles have proven to be the most economical and versatile solution while maintaining high quality standards. These profiles have taken the place of traditional materials in many sectors and are now irreplaceable.
All GMG profiles are made by extrusion of primary aluminium alloy EN-AW6060. The material is tempered to T5/T6 to ensure absolute structural stability over time. The bars are anodized to a depth of 15 μm or supplied raw, according to customer requirements. The general tolerances for profile extrusion comply with the technical standard UNI-EN12020-2.

GMG ALUMINIUM PROFILES division, thanks to its large warehousing facilities, can supply:

material in bar form with connection accessories
assembly kits (material cut to size ready for assembly)
finished product according to design

Workstations built with GMG ALUMINIUM PROFILES find applications in all those companies involved in the assembly and handling of materials or components, regardless of industry sector or company size. Thanks to a modular system GMG ALUMINIUM PROFILES can quickly and economically produce custom workstations, gravity rollers, dynamic conveyors and trolleys to satisfy any need. Last but not least, GMG ALUMINIUM PROFILES designs workstations which fully take into account regulations and technical solutions aimed at improving ergonomics.


Materials supply (bars & connectors)
Perimeter protections